I'm Isidro, I write about business growth and design.

I love learning and sharing my experience as a business founder and consultant. For over 11 years I have worked with multiple companies in different industries, from technology to education, on a wide range of projects, from growth strategies and performance marketing to financial engineering and innovation.

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Always a creator.

I am deeply passionate about startups, marketing and the creator economy. I started my path as a digital artist, earning a degree in digital animation. During my student years I discovered my affinity for teaching, which led me to be an assistant for several university courses, an experience that later opened the doors to work as a university professor for more than 5 years.

During my years as an artist I discovered my passion for entrepreneurship, working first as a freelance and then, founding a design studio that I maintained for several years.

At the same time I worked closely with educational projects, where I started my path as a consultant. First leading the design of educational programs and then leading innovation projects as a coordinator in universities and professional institutes. This led me to specialize in educational technology with emphasis on innovation.

Working as a coordinator and consultant in educational technology and innovation and my passion for entrepreneurship, led me to seek to improve my business skills. At INCAE Business School I had one of the most transformative experiences of my personal and professional life. I obtained an MBA in marketing, which was the beginning of my career as a Business Designer. This opened the doors for me to work as a consultant in a financial firm, developing high-level financial engineering projects for some of the most important financial companies in LATAM.

Parallel to my work as a consultant associated with the financial firm, I started my own consulting agency in Business Design and Growth Marketing. Where I have had the opportunity to work with multiple companies mainly in the areas of technology, education and startups.

Currently I divide my time sharing my learnings in these more than 15 years of career, leading a startup in education and my consulting agency.

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Creating content, from education to design and innovation.

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